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Technical Specifications


Material                                       Engineering Polymers & Metals

Compatibility                              Petrol, Diesel or LPG

Dimensions                                 210 x 210 x 68mm (H x W x D)

Tank Capacity                             760ml

Power Requirements                13-30 volts, 6 amps max

Manufacturers Guarantee        2 years

Country of Manufacture           Great Britain


*Business and fleet users please call for pricing.  Prices overseas may vary due to shipping, taxes and local fitting, please email for further details.

An Installation Center Near You.

At every fit you will be presented with a before and after emissions certificate showing how your vehicle's emissions have been reduced.  We are busy working behind the scenes to provide you with a postcode searchable map so that you can find an approved installer near you.  We have over 320 installation sites throughout the UK.  Contact our office to find your nearest approved installer.

Fitting the System »

Fitting the system

Typical fitting times vary from vehicle to vehicle but should take no longer than three hours.  At every fit you will be presented with a before and after emissions certificate showing how much your vehicle's emissions have been reduced by.


Once commissioned, the system works immediately to reduce emissions.  There is no bedding in period, if you choose to retest your emissions you will see that over time the engine becomes cleaner and less polluting.


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